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image of director Min Bahadur Bham

Min Bahadur Bham is a young emerging director who graduated in Nepali Literature and Filmmaking with a post-graduate degree in Buddhist Philosophy and Political Science.

His first short film was THE LAST BEGINNING (2009), followed by THE FLUTE (2012) which was a historical first for Nepali film, as it was selected for the Venice IFF and won a Jury Award at the Toronto Nepali Film Festival. He participated in the Berlinale Talent Campus and attended the Asian Film Academy in the Busan International Film Festival in 2013 where he was awarded The Outstanding Fellow Award.

THE BLACK HEN, his debut feature film, was the first Nepali feature film presented in Venice IFF, where it won the Best Film Award in the Critics’ Week section.

Director’s Statement:

I was born in a remote village in Northern Nepal. I grew up to the smell of alpine trees, the sight of fresh, lush meadows, and the touch of the cold Himalayan breeze. With the beauty of my surroundings was a darker aspect of my childhood and of the communities living in that part of the world. Shackled by poverty, illiteracy and taboos, we live in a society that is deeply split by caste and class divides. So, it wasn’t easy having to accept the fact that I wasn’t allowed to play with my best friend only because he belonged to a lower caste.

And that is the heart of the film’s subject matter – a true story of two best friends growing up on in a segregated society during the Maoist insurgency. This story is about the complexities of friendship and our society, a factual reflection of the archaic practices that still prevail in Nepal. Today, years later, my past still haunts me. As a filmmaker it is crucial for me to bring out my true own life experiences to the world.